NPFVOA offers a wide range of safety materials, including DVDs, emergency instruction placards, vessel damage control kits, and our own Vessel Safety Manual. Please use our Online Order Form or call 206-285-3383 to place an order.


Safety & Survival: Procedures, Equipment, and Training DVD

The Seven Steps
Personal Protection & MOB
Distress Calls
Distress Signals
Immersion Suits
Inflatable Liferafts
Search & Rescue
Training & Drills

Approx. 62 minutes. Members: $250 | Non-members: $280

Medical Emergencies at Sea: Basic Procedures for First Responders

MedDVDContents include best practices for:
Evaluating and responding to an emergency scene
Stabilizing a patient
Bleeding, fractures, and burns
Symptoms of shock and hypothermia
Keeping patients alive and well while out at sea

37 minutes. Members: $95 | Non-members: $105

Fire Prevention and Control

The Nature of Fire
Classification of Fire
Fire Prevention & Preparation
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Water Fire Main System
Fixed Fire Extinguishing System
Fighting the Fire

31 minutes.  Members: $125 | Non-members: $140

Fishing Vessel Stability

The Skipper
The Righting Arm Curve
Stability Hazards
The Stability Test

22 minutes.  Members: $45 | Non-members: $50

Tragedy And Courage On the Bering Sea DVD

Galaxy DVDHear the story of the freezer longliner Galaxy straight from Captain Dave Shoemaker’s lips. Lessons from the Galaxy offers incontrovertible proof that safety training is a critical aspect of vessel operations, because it can happen to you. This is an educational DVD that will make your crew sit up and take notice.

Members: $19.95 | Non-members: $19.95

Spanish Edition: Safety & Survival at Sea DVD

Spanish Edition Safety & Survival at Sea DVDIncludes:
Medical Emergencies at Sea (Emergencias Médicas en el Mar)
Fire Prevention & Control (Prevención y Control de Incendios)
Safety Equipment & Survival Procedures ( Equipo de Seguridad y Procedimientos para Sobrevivir)
Members: $125 | Non-members: $150


Emergency Drill Log

vesseldrilllogA two-part carbonless log book used to record required monthly emergency drills.

Members: $25 | Non-members: $30

Vessel Medical Patient Log

MedicalLogA two-part carbonless log book used to record all medical complaints, treatments, and medications dispensed.
Members: $30 | Non-members: $35

Vessel Garbage Disposal Log

garbage_logThis garbage log complies with 33 CFR 151.55 and contains room for 240 entries.

Members: $25 | Non-members: $30

Vessel or Worksite Lockout/Tags-Plus Log

LockoutTagsPlusLogA two-part carbonless log book used to keep a written record of all lockout/tags-plus activity.

Members: $25 | Non-members: $30


Emergency Instructions Placards Set

immersuit10 laminated placards of required emergency procedures per 46 CFR 28.265.

Members: $40 | Non-members: $50

Emergency Instructions Placards Set (Spanish)

Spanish edition

10 laminated placards of required emergency procedures per 46 CFR 28.265.

Members: $40 | Non-members: $50

Individual Emergency Instructions Placard

  • Station Bill
  • Donning of Immersion Suits
  • Procedures for Making a Distress Call
  • Essential Actions During an Emergency
  • General Alarm Notice
  • 7-Day Injury Notice
  • Procedures for Rough Weather
  • Procedures for Anchoring
  • Man Overboard Procedures
  • Procedures for Fighting a Fire

Members: $5 | Non-members: $6

Discharge of Garbage Placard

GarbagePlacardAn 8 ½ x 11 laminated placard updated for MARPOL Annex V.

Members: $5 | Non-members: $6

Navigation Rules of the Road Placard

rulesoftheroadAn 8 ½ x 11 laminated Quick Reference Guide to the Rules of the Road. The publication was created by the Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Advisory Committee (CFIVSAC) with the cooperation of the USCG, AMSEA, NPFVOA and Crawford Nautical. This abbreviated guide is not intended as a substitute for the actual Navigation Rules International – Inland (Commandant Instruction M16672.2D), but as a handy navigation aid for the pilot house.

Members: $10 | Non-members: $10


Damage Control Kit

damcontrolkitBe prepared for a flooding emergency! USCG statistics indicate that every year more than 25 percent of all fishing industry vessel losses are related to unintentional flooding. Unintentional flooding has also contributed to near-sinkings countless times. The NPFVOA Damage Control Kit comes with an illustrated manual explaining standard techniques for repairing damage from uncontrolled flooding, flood rate charts and emergency drill suggestions. The products included in the kit supply ready-to-use materials which quickly reduce or stop unintentional flooding (i.e., damage control) and give the crew a chance to effect a temporary repair, or reach port. The Damage Control Kit is packed in an easy-to-stow container clearly marked with its contents and fits any size vessel or gear type. Includes:

3 Sugar Pine plugs (1 x 4, 2 x 8, 3½ x 8)

1 roll duct tape

2 rolls heavy duty jute twine

Lot duct seal (1 lb)

1 lb Oakum

1 waterproof flashlight with batteries

1 hand axe

1 pair utility shears

1 TruPlug

1 “Dry Box”

 8 Fir wedges (rough cut 2 x 4 x 9)

25 14″ plastic tie-wraps

1 screwdriver (universal)

2 sq ft Neoprene (1 ft x 2 ft)

2 rolls grease tape (butyl)

4′ piece split fire hose (1½” rubber-lined)

2 #40 hose clamps

2 #44 hose clamps

Members: $400 | Non-members: $450


OSHA Handbook: Basic Guide to Compliance for Uninspected Vessels

osha_handbookThe new OSHA Handbook is current, user-friendly, and reformatted to be a quick reference guide. This detailed handbook is invaluable and should be in every uninspected vessel’s wheelhouse.

Members: $260 | Non-members: $300

Ship Repair Safety & Health Manual

shiprepairsafetyWhen a vessel is in a shipyard or just tied to a pier, OSHA and other agencies have jurisdiction while repairs or maintenance are being carried out. This manual simplifies what is required and how to comply with easy-to-follow checklists. A portion of the proceeds from every manual sold is donated to the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial.

Members: $200 | Non-members: $250

Medical Procedures

MedProcSubtitled ‘The Officers’ Shipboard Guide,’ this handbook is a quick, convenient reference guide for medical issues.

Members: $30 | Non-members: $35

The First Aid Book / Seventh Edition

firstaidbookMembers: $20
Non-members: $20

IFSTA Marine Firefighting Manual

firefightbookThe International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) Firefighting Manual is written for mariners with commercial shipboard duties that include fire fighting and other emergency operations, this book covers all subjects pertaining to shipboard fire fighting and the requirments of maritime regulatory organizations such as the US Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and the International Maritime Organization. It is for mariners having fire prevention and tactical fire fighting duties, and is directed to mariners from entry level to the highest level of management.

Members: $75 | Non-members: $75

Forklift Maintenance Record for Battery-Powered or Internal Combustion Models

forklift_batterypowerOSHA’s Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 29 Part 1910.180, 1918.55 and 1926.550 and Washington State WAC codes 296-155, 296-56, and 296-304 require the owners and operators of forklifts to perform routine inspections of their forklifts and maintain a record of these inspections. These booklets contains space for 13 months of maintenance records.

Members: $5 | Non-members: $5


NPFVOA Vessel Safety Manual, 5th Edition


With more than 320 illustrations and photographs, the NPFVOA Vessel Safety Manual is regarded by the US Coast Guard as the “operational standard” manual for the commercial fishing industry. It is the most comprehensive set of safety recommendations ever produced for commercial fisherman. Produced in cooperation with the US Coast Guard, this essential operational sourcebook contains updated regulatory guidelines and technical information, such as how to conduct effective drills and damage control techniques. The 5th edition incorporates material from existing sources and draws upon experiences of fishing vessel operators and the Coast Guard. It includes the following topics:

Damage Control
Vessel Familiarity
Medical Emergencies
Rules of the Road
Safety Equipment & Survival Prodedures
Vessel Systems
USCG Procedures
Safe Working Conditions
Fire Prevention and Control
Common Vessel Safety Concerns
Conducting Drills
USCG/OSHA Federal Regulations

Members: $150 | Non-members: $200